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Nate takes great pride in working his barrel. Being able to react to the situation by walking his barrel in to help assist in the protection of the bull riders. Also providing a viable tool with his barrel for the bull fighters to use in cowboy protection, while also putting on a show for the audience. Nate's barrel has handles and he uses them.   Working the the audience is never the same to Nate. He loves it! Every performance gives him an opportunity to make all new friends & make the audience feel like they're part of the event, 1 years old or 100 years old, he wants them all leaving the event having a great time with a smile on their face!   Nate carries fresh, new, & unique acts that are different than others you have seen. Nate finds he gets bored running the same acts so he is always revamping or upgrading or just plain making new ones to keep the audiences wondering what's next. If its exciting, interesting, & fun for him, then it is for the audience as well.
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